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Sevastopol Marine Aquarium Museum is one of the oldest marine aquariums in the Russian Empire. It was founded in 1897 at the Sevastopol Biological Station.

The idea of creating an aquarium belongs to N.N. Miklukho Maclay. The first director of the Aquarium Museum was Academician A.O. Kovalevsky.

Currently, the Aquarium, located in the heart of Sevastopol - Primorsky Boulevard, has more than 200 species of marine animals and more than 1,500 inhabitants.

Currently there are 5 rooms in the Aquarium:

1. The exposition of the first hall allows visitors to get acquainted with the ancient inhabitants of the tropical seas of the basins of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans that lived in the Kebrian period of the Paleozoic era - echinoderms, arthropods, sponges, corals and mollusks. Thanks to multimedia equipment that provides a dynamic addition to the exhibition environment, the exhibits of the Museum of Hydrobionts of the South Seas are combined into a “living” Ocean, in a single whole. This effect allows the visitor to plunge into the fabulous underwater world and feel like an integral part of it.

2. The second hall presents a unique, largest in the world, collection of inhabitants of the Black Sea. Aquarium specialists have created panoramic underwater landscapes, including the ruins of Chersonesos, the skeleton of sunken corvettes, brigs, scows.

3. In the third hall, visitors will find, first of all, a journey into the depths of history by the Time Machine - in fact, the first public Aquarium in the history of Russia was opened in this hall, 120 years ago. The modern exposition of this hall is represented by freshwater inhabitants of five continents, housed in specially designed aquariums that convey the spirit of the terrain of its inhabitants.

4. The fourth hall will welcome guests with unusual representatives of the amazing world of reptiles - a crocodile and turtles.

5. The fifth hall contains hydrobionts of the oceans that pose a potential danger to humans.

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Working hours

Working hours: 10.00 - 18.80 Entrance to the Aquarium until 18.00 Cash desk is open until 18.00


The Aquarium has a single price - 400 rubles.

Children under 6 years old - free of charge. Admission is free for participants of the Second World War, invalids of the 1st group, military servicemen, and combatants.

Organized groups of schoolchildren visit the Aquarium at a reduced rate.

About benefits - call +7 (8692) 54-38-92 during business hours.

Walking around our aquarium, be sure to go to souvenir shops located in the third and fourth halls.

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Our contacts

Russian Federation

Sevastopol, 299011, Nakhimova ave., 2

Mbile number: +7 (978) 510-25-25

landline phone number: +7 (8692) 54-38-92



The aquarium is located at: Prospect Nakhimova, 2 in the center of Primorsky Boulevard

Public transport stop "Admiral Nakhimov Square"

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